Big Daddy Wash & Lube

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Keep on top of your vehicles maintenance with this free eSticker app from Big Daddy Wash & Lube.

Keep your vehicles oil change reminder sticker on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Simply scan the eStickerID printed on your Big Daddy Wash & Lube receipt or enter your vehicles VIN to add it to your list.

Stickers for multiple vehicles can be stored by the app so you can keep tabs on all your family vehicles or your companys vehicle fleet. You can even customize your oil change interval preferences individually for each vehicle.

The eSticker app also lets you view a history of all services performed on your vehicles by Big Daddy Wash & Lube at any time, so youll always know which services have been performed on each of your vehicles, and when they were last performed.

Other features include the ability to call up a map to find the nearest Big Daddy Wash & Lube, share this app with a friend using a QR Code, or schedule a reminder in your calendar for your next oil change.